About us

Looking out over the beautiful bastide village of the Puylaroque in this beautiful corner of South West France. David & Sarah Meakin established the “Domaine du Merchien” in 1994.
The day to day running of Domaine du Merchien and Bière de Quercy has now been taken over by our Zac Zachary with the help from their daughter Sophie-Tor and of course the resident Newfoundland “Louki”…

MERCHIEN is “FranAnglais” MER : SEA and CHIEN : Dog

At Merchien we encompass organic principles & produce our wine and beer as naturally as possible. The winery & brewery combines the best of the modern techniques with traditional beer and wine making methods.

We are justifiably proud of our national and international recognition over the years.

The Vineyard & Brewery try to embraces the spirit of innovation.

Merchien is 100% Organic aiming for quality not quantity, from its wine to it’s beer, from the vineyard to it’s cereal land, 100% !

We will take the time to answer all your questions you may have about wine and beer making and our lovely region. We feel the better informed you are, the better selection can be when choosing and enjoying the end product !

This not only goes for the wine and beer but also for the land, cultivation techniques and question about why and how.

We want our customers to remember their visit and go away with good memories and indeed good wines and beers.

Click to call +33 6 16 07 75 39