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Bière du Quercy - Merchien Brasserie

The beers at Merchien brewery are hand crafted with only one criteria that of taste. We do not use preservatives (conservatives in French), all our beers are bottle conditioned live beers. The brewery opened in May 2006, after a very long day when the system was delivered at the end of April.
We currently make several different beers which are dorée, bronze, blonde, blonde avec safran and noire (or in English Bitter, IPA, blonde, blonde with saffron and porter).

the brewery

The image on the left is of the three production vessels, from the left is the copper, mash tun and hot liquor tank. The smaller vessel is the underback.

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All beers from Domaine du Merchien are live and bottle conditioned i.e. the final maturation takes place in the bottle. This leaves a yeast sediment in the bottom of the bottle, which is harmless but if poured into the glass will make the beer cloudy. So bottles should be stored vertically and poured slowly into a tilted glass preferably in one action till the bottle is almost empty, leaving the sediment in the bottle - then sit back and enjoy !


Safran and Pepper flavours